Seminar 2012

24 October 2012

Pier Paolo Patrucco, University of Turin

Enriettia,A, Fassio, C., Patrucco, P.P. Reaction to Demand Shock in Small Firms:
Innovation and Market Exploration in the Case of Automotive Suppliers in Piedmont

19 September 2012

- Cristiano Antonelli, University of Turin

Antonelli, C. and Fassio, C. The Economics of the Light Economy

- Arianna Martinelli and Rudi Bekkers.
Intellectual Property Disclosure in Standards Development: Some facts and exploratory analysis

-Justus BARON 

BARON J. and POHLMANN T., Patent Pools and Patenting for Technology Standards An empirical analysis of contemporary patent pools


11 September 2012

- Reihilde Veugelers, University KU Leuven

Cassiman B., Arts and Veugelers R.Capturing value from basic research:  boundary crossing inventors and partnerships
- Cecere, Corrocher, Gossart and Ozman Patterns of Innovation in Green ICT: A Patent-Based Analysis


12 June 2012

Institut Mines Telecom, Rue Barrault, Room E102

Fabio Montobbio, University of Turin:
« The globalization of technology in emerging markets: a gravity model on the determinants of international patent collaborations »
(the paper is available at

Bill Lazonic, University of Massachusetts
« From Innovation to Financialization: How Cisco became focused on its Stock Price and lost its Way »


26 Mars 2012

Henrik Glimstedt presented the article « The decision to make or buy a critical technology », Associate Professor of Technology Strategy, International Business, and Business History, Stockholm School of Economics

Pierre Vialle presented the article « On the difficulty of escaping the fate of path dependence. The case of mobile standards in China »


6 February 2012

Charlotte Krychowski presented the article  “Real options and technology licenses”