30.10.12 Seminars & visitings

Jason Whalley is coming during the week of the 5th of November. He organizes a seminar on Thursday 8 November to 1 p.m

Massimiliano Mazzanti is coming from 12 November to end November. He organizes a seminar on 22 November.

Francesco Lissoni is coming from 19 November to end November. He organizes a seminar on 22 November.


25-26.06.12 Articles of the international conference, Paris

2, S. Delaitre, I.G. Olaizola, N. Aginako, ENERVALUE project: An ICT tool for energy efficiency in buildings

4, J. Kim, S. Rohmer, Environmental life cycle assessment on paper and electronic billing & payment

7, J. Baron, K. Blind, T. Pohlmann, Essential patents and standard dynamics

8, J.-L. Ermine, Knowledge based innovation: A methodology for incremental innovation in an ICT Technology

12, C. Keesookpun, Cloud computing adoption and determining factors in different industries: A case study of Thailand

13, P. De Filippi, L. Belli, Law of the cloud v. law of the land

14, B. Engelstätter, The adoption of social enterprise software

19, S. Türkeli, Emergence of innovative clean technology start-ups: A fuzzy-set analysis

21, M. Gambardella, Driving the translational user-innovations using “open” licenses

22, M. Ward, B. Engelstätter, Video game niches: Specialization, substitutability and strategy

26, A. Garcia Zaballos, R. Lopez-Rivas, Socio-economic impact of broadband in Latin American and Caribbean countries

30, V. Jerbashian, Telecommunications industry and economic growth: How the market structure matters

32, L. Barreau, Internal corporate social network: what impacts on Innovation?


16.01.12 ECOPATENTS financed by the ADEME (French Agency for the Environment)

The project aims at investigating the technological development of GREEN ICT using patents database putting emphasis on the DEEE.

The coordinateur of the project is Cedric Gossart (TEM) and the other participants are Muge Ozman (TEM)  and Nicoletta Corrocher (Universita Commerciale Bocconi).



Academic Year 2012

Francesco Lissoni is an Associate Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Brescia, Italy – November

Francesco Lissoni is an Associate Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Brescia, Department of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering (DIMI), and a long-standing Affiliate of KITES (formerly known as CESPRI), Bocconi University (Milan). He is a member of the DRUID scientific committee and of the Comité Scientifique et de Prospective of OST. He is currently on leave at GREThA, Université Montesquieu, Bordeaux IV.

His main research interests relate to knowledge creation and diffusion. In the past He has done research on innovation adoption and the geography of knowledge spillovers. More recently, He has moved to study the role played by IPRs in academic science and in the economics of academic science itself.

The largest project he currently manages deals with Academic Patenting in Europe, and it is supported by the European Science Foundation (ESF). All social scientists and practitioners are welcome to contribute and share either their data or expertise; funds are available for exchange visits and organization or participation to workshops. The ESF-APE-INV project builds in part on the existing KEINS database, which covers academic patenting in several countries.


Massimiliano Mazzanti is professor or Management and economy from University of Ferrara, Italy – November


Jason Whalley is Director of Teaching and Learning from University of Strathclyde, Scotland – November

Jason Whalley gained an MA in Geography from the University of Cambridge, an MA in International Political Studies from the University of Leeds and a PhD from the University of Strathclyde. Before joining the Department he worked for TNO – STB in The Netherlands. At TNO – STB one of the research projects that he was involved in examined the impact of electronic commerce on the telecommunications industry, whilst another sought to identify the sources of innovation within the service sector.

There are three themes to his research. The first theme is that of the structure of telecommunications markets. The research here has largely focused on internationalisation by mobile telecommunication operators, but it has also looked at the broadband access as well. The diffusion of broadband is Jasons second research theme. This has examined how broadband availability and adoption have occurred in remote and rural markets such as the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. A third area of research has examined the development of ICT in Himalayan countries such as Bhutan and Nepal.

Jason has been a Member of the International Telecommunications Society since 1998.  He was a plenary speaker at the18th ITS European Reference Conference (2007).  Jason has been book review editor of Telecommunications Policy since  January 2007.  He is a Member of editorial of NordICT and involved in the Organising committees of ITS Biennial conferences (2006 & 2008 conferences) and European Regional Conferences (2005, 2006 & 2007).  He regularly provides policy advice on EU telecoms regulation.


Reinhilde Veugelers is professor of Managerial Economics, Strategy and Innovation at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven – September

Reinhilde Veugelers is professor of Managerial Economics, Strategy and Innovation at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. She was a visiting scholar at Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management, at Sloan School of Management (MIT), Stern Business School (NYU), ECARES/Université Libre de Bruxelles, Université de Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne), Universitat Pompeu Fabra & Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Universiteit Maastricht.


Arianna Martinelli from LEM in Pisa, Italy- July, August and September


Nicoletta Corrocher from Univesity Bocconi, Italy – July

Nicoletta Corrocher is currently a Lecturer in Applied Economics at Bocconi University and a Research Fellow at KITeS Bocconi University. She received a PhD in Economics and Management of Innovation from Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in 2001, and a Master of Science in Science and Technology Policy from SPRU University of Sussex, UK in 1999. her main research interests concern technology diffusion, patterns of innovation and industrial dynamics in the ICT sector, with particular reference to the telecommunications industry.


Fabio Montobbio from University of Turin, Italy- June


William Lazonick from UMass Lowell, USA – June


Henrik Glimstedt from Stockholm School of Economics – March and June

Henrik Glimstedt is an associate professor of technology strategy, international business and business history of the Stockholm School of Economics. His PhD in business history examined the interaction of the state, the market and production in the Swedish automotive industry between 1930 and 1960. His current research interests focus on how firms adapt their investments in innovation in light of technological, competitive, legislative and institutional changes. His approach is to work closely with industry actors to determine the precise historical evolution of decision-making within the firm and to build a rich understanding of the context of management decisions in relation to key technologies and business practices that concern innovation.


He has acted as an advisor to the Swedish Prime Minister’s Office, the Norwegian Science Council, the Swedish Competition Agency and the Swedish Post and Telecommunications Agency, as well as to two leading Swedish firms: Volvo and Ericsson. He has previously been a visiting professor at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the Industrial Relations Research Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Academic Year 2011

Professeur Réne Kemp from UNU-MERIT Maastricht University


Professuer Aldo Geuna from Università di Torino, Italy- September